Dear Murphy,

Murphy was the beautiful friendly Berner that was my first introduction to this wonderful majestic breed of dog. Murphy always greeted me at the door when visiting friends, Anne and Nancy, never letting me forget he was there to protect his family first before any salutations took place. Murphy was a special friend and I am thankful to have been a part of his life. Murphy’s beauty and love for his family forever stuck in my heart, and I knew that I would have to have one of these beautiful animals!

A bit more about “Murphy” from owners Anne and Nancy……

Murphy’s first time in snow !

Merry Christmas from Murphy !

Murphy and friends Bisquit and BeeJay

Murphy had a sparkle in his eye from the first day he came home at 12
weeks old. While his eight littermates all had great Berner qualities,
that sparkle was like a laserbeam into our hearts. From that day, he was
a joyous ball of fur…curious, playful, loveable and cuddly. He romped
through the yard with his canine family at full speed, then turned on
his swagger as he trotted alongside on walks with us. He would make new
friends easily…two-legged and four…turning on the charm with that
sparkle in his eye for everyone.

 As Murphy grew in size and matured, he saw every day as an adventure
where fun was waiting for him around every corner. And he was always
eager to share those adventures as he helped raise new puppies that were
usually just a fraction of his size. When another Berner puppy joined
the crew, Murphy seemed to know he had a true partner to bring up and
share in his fun.

 While Murphy was always the friendly type, he didn’t hesitate to make it
clear he was also the protector of his family. The night a bear decided
to visit our backyard, Murphy let him know he was in charge. Murphy
launched his “big-boy bark” and ran straight at the bear. The bear
instantly knew he wasn’t welcome and high-stepped for the fence. Murphy
made a final point as he grabbed a bite of the bear’s butt as it hurdled
the fence. The bear didn’t have time to notice the sparkle in Murphy’s
eye that night…but it was surely there even brighter as he saved his
family and property.

 Murphy shared over 13 years with us. He had more years than most
Berners, always looking at the world through those eyes with that
special sparkle.

-Anne & Nancy