Meet The parents

High Country Charlie’s Angel: Dam

Age: 4

last litter: 9 pups

Current litter: 6 pups

Charlie Mae’s sire is High Country Charles.  Charles is of primarily Begium and Swiss bloodlines, as well as the desireable Samaika bloodlines.

Charlie Mae’s dam is High Country Shalom.  Shalom bloodlines are European as well, with alot of quality show bloodlines.


Otis of High Country: Sire

“Proudly owned by High Country Kennels, Livermore, Colorado.”

Age: 4

Otis’s sire, Nitro was imported from Yugoslavia.  Nitro’s parents have Hungarian and Serbian bloodlines

Otis’s dam’s side has primarily Belgium bloodlines, including Barancourt Van De Weyenberg who was quite the dog in his day.