Tiger Mountain Bernese

Thank you for stopping by Tiger Mountain Bernese

We Raise wonderful Fun loving dogs ! ! !


Will you take me home ?

Thank you for stopping by Tiger Mountain Bernese

We Raise wonderful Fun loving dogs ! ! !


Guess What!

My puppies will arrive late december !

We Raise wonderful Fun loving dogs ! ! !



Meet The Family !

Charlie & Otis's New Puppies !

Charlie Mae & Otis of High Country’s New puppies are expected in late december !

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Call/Text: 253-332-2580

Email: tigermountainbernese@gmail.com

The gift of these beautiful dogs has been more than satisfying to us and we have enjoyed making new friends and keeping in touch with the wonderful people who have given our puppies their “forever” homes.- Pam…

“They are Loved very much” !

-Theia & Ajax

Portland, OR

“Leo is the best! He’s fun-loving, energetic and loves to be the star attraction! We’re thrilled he has joined our family.”


Arlington, TX

“she is a wonderful member of our family and anyone would be blessed to get a pup from you !!”


Renton, WA

“Pearl is doing great and she is beautiful and huge! We just love her”


Livermore, CO

What You should Know...

Our Bernese Mountain dog puppies are raised in my home and are well
socialized to the sights and sounds of a household environment. When they
are older, they are exposed to the sights and sounds of the outdoors where
they can smell the fresh air and romp in the cool grass.

I am always available after you pick up your puppy to help with any
questions or concerns you may have. I enjoy periodic updates on the new
members of your family and love to see photos of your puppy’s progress.

The ancestors of the Bernese Mountain Dog were brought into Switzerland by the Romans over 2000 years ago.  They are known in their native land as the Bernese Sennenhund.  The Bernese worked  herding cattle, pulling milk and cheese carts, and serving as faithful companions and watchdogs.

They came to America in the mid-1920s when a farmer in Kansas imported a pair to work on his farm. They quickly caught on and they now rank 23rd in the American Kennel Club’s list of most popular breeds The Bernese Mountain Dog is a gentle giant known for its large frame and striking tri-colored coat.

I feed my Bernese Mountain dogs a high quality diet with no added harmful
chemicals. These have been known to contribute to health issues, such as
cancer, where the Bernese is susceptible.

When you pick up your puppy, he will have had his first set of puppy shots and several de-wormings. I will send you home with the puppy vaccination
and de-worming schedules.